Contributing to Caer

Thank you for choosing to contribute to Caer. We’d love to accept your patches! For those just getting started, Github has a how to. All bug fixes, new functionality, new tutorials etc. are (and should be) submitted via GitHub’s mechanism of pull requests.

Caer was made publically available in August 2020 by Jason Dsouza <> and we are proud to have over 1.2m installs since then! Caer is now maintained by awesome community members just like you.

We have written a comprehensive Contribution Guide that you can follow when contributing to the project.


There is always room for improvement in documentation. We welcome all pull requests to fix typos/improve grammar or semantic structuring of documents. Here are a few documents you can work on:

Open Issues

If you would like to help in working on open issues. Look out for the following tags: good first issue, help wanted, open for contribution

Major Contributions

If you are willing to make a major contribution you can always lookout for the active sprint under Projects and discuss the proposal with one of our maintainers.

What we currently need help on

  • Improving unit-test cases and test coverage

  • Include GPU support

If you write articles:

If you are interested or have already written a story covering Caer, you can submit your story in markdown format as a PR here. To convert medium stories into markdown format, you may use this chrome extension

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